Buddhism for Busy People -  Guided Meditations Audio Book

Buddhism for Busy People is one of Australia’s most loved introductions to the Buddha’s teachings. The Bolinda audio edition of this book opens the door to the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, explaining the profound sense of well being and heartfelt serenity that comes from connecting with our inner nature.

In this partner recording to Buddhism for Busy People, David Michie provides four different guided meditations to help you begin your own meditation practice right away.

Getting started:

  • The best physical and psychological posture (5 mins)
  • Useful tools for your meditations (5 mins)
  • Meditation 1 - Breathing meditation: nine cycle technique (10 mins). A time-honoured meditation to settle the mind and cultivate profound calm
  • Meditation 2 - The healing power of Medicine Buddha (20 mins). Connect to the healing qualities of your own mind through this powerful visualisation
  • Meditation 3 - Cultivating compassion: taking and giving (20 mins). One of Tibetan Buddhism’s most loved meditations to develop heartfelt compassion and happiness
  • Meditation 4 - Analytical meditation: the benefits of the perfection of generosity (10 minutes) Bringing the mindfulness of bodhichitta to daily life

(Audio Book -1 hour- on 1 Compact Disc)

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