Feelings: Inside my heart & In my head.
Feelings: Inside my heart & In my head - Richard Jones & LIbby Waldon
'Feelings: Inside my Heart and In my Head' is a gentle and sensitive read. It highlights how all feelings are important, while offering readers a chance to reflect and talk together. By sharing this book with children, we can develop self awareness, nurture empathy and build emotional literacy.

Through lovely rhyming text and metaphors, this book puts feelings into words. Sadness is a river bursting it's banks, anger is a volcano erupting, while jealousy feels like a misty steam that 'churns and seethes.' Beautifully illustrated with warm tones, a variety of textures and mosaics, each page is atmospheric and dream-like. A lovely read for a group, one to one and perfect as a gift.
Ages 5-12
32 illustrated pages - (Hardback)


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